Are you ready for Infoshare 2023?


Last year, our DENEVY team attended the Infoshare conference in Gdansk, and learning from our own experience, we are bringing you a few tips on how to get the best from the conference, what to look out for and what to expect.


  1. Purchased tickets or free tickets. A great advantage of Infoshare is that they offer free Basic Pass tickets. We had free tickets, and also one Conference Pass - definitely recommendedthat allowed us to attend some very interesting lectures. But if you are going to infoshare for the first time like we did, and don't know what to expect, feel free to try only the free version - you also have access to a large number of lectures and interesting exhibitors. If you have an interesting product or idea, do not hesitate to register it in the Startup contest where potential investors can notice it - a great advantage is, that the registration is for free. We registered our product for project management Go ahead and register your interesting projects too!  

  1. Accomodation bookingwe recommend booking the accomodation in advance. We highly recommend the Browar Hevelius Apartments - Penthouse - wonderful view, very nice environment, exceptionally great price, parking close to the accomodation, and 24-hour front desk is also a big plus.  

  1. Refreshments at infosharewater and coffee available for free, plus some small refreshments at the exhibiting stalls.  

  1. The night before Infoshare there's a Before Party, and after the conference there's an After Party, both are also excellent networking opportunities. Admission is for all types of tickets except for the free basic ones.  

  1. On the 1st conference day, we highly recommend arriving very early in the morning, or later at lunchtime. We spent about an hour waiting in line for the first admission, and if you have the free ticket, we recommend taking a book with you to pass the time.  

  1. We highly recommend downloading the INFOSHARE app, filled with up-to-date information and a handy calendar, where you can select the lectures that you're interested in, and then you can easily follow your daily plan. Watch out – if you're from abroad, some lectures are in Polish, but most of them are in English.  

  1. We also recommend following Infoshare on social media (Instagram), to keep track of the latest news and information about the conference 

  1. Don't forget to grab a notepad, or at least a notepad app in your smartphone. The conference is packed with information, and you don't want to be missing them!

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