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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CZ: How we became one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Czechia (again).

In November 2022 we have been placed on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CZ shortlist, making us one of the fastest-growing companies on the market, receiving this reward for the 4th time in a row since 2019. We’re humbled by this award and would like to take this opportunity to look back at the year 2022 and its many successes. This year, DENEVY has celebrated 8 years since its founding, and the growth since then has been phenomenal. Our roots started in major software integration projects for the biggest players on the market, and they have paved our path towards building our own name and becoming a force to be reckoned with in the field of technology in Central Europe. The name DENEVY has always been connected with professional IT services, outstanding software development, bomb-proof cyber security and friendly, client-first approach. In 2020 We have launched our own project management software that we are continuously improving and that our users love. So what exactly made

A prediction of top trends of test automation in 2023

Whether we like it or not, 2023 is just a Q4 away and it’s good to get ready for whatever it brings. After extensive research we’ve put together the top 5 trends that we can look forward to in automated testing next year, and how to get ready for their adaptation to improve the testing process and reach those KPI’s. So, if you want to stay ahead of your competition and get a head-start, take a look at what’s in store for software testing and QA in 2023.  AI & ML assisted testing Artificial intelligence and machine learning are an ever-present term in IT of the past years, and 2023 will be no exception. Since it actually is the driving factor in shifting towards test automation, the use of smart technology in automats doesn’t only increase the overall testing efficiency and lowers costs, but it also helps with predictive analysis, better error detection and allows the creation of highly sophisticated test applications.  Blockchain: the big question Although cryptocurrencies and NFTs