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Test Strategy is not only document

The purpose of Test Strategy document is in high level definition for entire Test management process and all related activities primarily in concept approaching into test preparation and test execution phases of project. Cooperation all testing activities during the project should be based on main Test policy of organization. Test management processes Implementation of testing processes is distributed into levels between organization, project and dynamic testing processes.   Organization Test Policy is methodology and document which govern and describe rules for continuous improvement for testing activities within company and describes those areas: Testing definitions, Test process descriptions, Testing Evaluations rules, Quality level definitions and Process improvement rules. Test Strategy (this document ) is artefact describes rules and global test approach used by project to deliver quality assurance for defined scope of applications, modules or whole systems with respectation o

Why Choose JunoOne Over Alternatives?

It is said that you should measure twice and cut once in order to succeed. I can’t agree more when it comes to software development and the following testing activities. This being said, it is crucial for your product to be properly tested before going to production. Without it, not only you risk a malfunctioning piece of software but also a customer dissatisfaction and decrease of your company revenue. This leads to the choice of testing tools and qualities they should possess. Should it be complex with tons of features? Or should it allow integrations to other tools? Frankly, the testing software should be user-friendly in the first place, following the agile idea of project management. If you have a complex tool, your employees will spend more time learning it and the added value is nowhere to be seen when it comes to the usage effectivity for not all features would ever be used. JunoOne is the best option in these areas: ·        Its uniqueness lies within the skills and exp