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Preparing for a conference - a checklist

  2023 is here and it brings together many new events, thankfully no longer tied up by pandemic-related restrictions (although caution is still in place). A reason more to get back on track and jump head-first into the best business events there are. Learning, discovering, networking and all that jazz – you get my drift. Now, we also want to make sure that if you’re representing your company at such an event, you’re perfectly prepared for anything and everything in order to make your business a good name. We’ve prepared an event-prep checklist that’s tested by time and years of event-going, and will help you to burst into any event as ready as humanly possible! 1. Pick your audience Certainly, no attended conference will ever be a waste of time. However, just like setting up an online ad or finding user base for your product, you should always make sure that the event you’re attending as a brand representative is appropriately themed and people there will be genuinely interested in wha