Preparing for a conference - a checklist


2023 is here and it brings together many new events, thankfully no longer tied up by pandemic-related restrictions (although caution is still in place). A reason more to get back on track and jump head-first into the best business events there are. Learning, discovering, networking and all that jazz – you get my drift.

Now, we also want to make sure that if you’re representing your company at such an event, you’re perfectly prepared for anything and everything in order to make your business a good name. We’ve prepared an event-prep checklist that’s tested by time and years of event-going, and will help you to burst into any event as ready as humanly possible!

1. Pick your audience

Certainly, no attended conference will ever be a waste of time. However, just like setting up an online ad or finding user base for your product, you should always make sure that the event you’re attending as a brand representative is appropriately themed and people there will be genuinely interested in what you’re bringing to the table.

2. Hone your pitch

Just like before every presentation, it’s very important to upgrade your promotion materials. Include the latest updates and upgrades, adjust tone of voice to the setting of the event, make the words and images stand out and make bold (but true) statements that will attract attention. Study up on your competitors and your differences, recap answers to FAQ and most and foremost – let people come to you and don’t push too hard.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of goodies

The world is full of useless marketing trinkets. So, stand out and come with something that people will actually love and put to good use. Also, keep in mind that you won’t be the only one, so make an effort to be helpful and stand out – a bag for carrying the items, a folder or a notepad, or even bottled water with your logo will go a long way.

4. Put a banner in place

This part, although it may seem obvious, is extremely important and should not be forgotten. A good banner with a spot-on message can do more than a thousand generic marketing e-mails. Make your presence visible and interactive (use several screens, banners, leaflets, maybe even a short, engaging game relevant to your product or service – the options are endless). You can also consider a branded t-shirt or a hoodie, if the setting is not too formal, or a lanyard and badge if it is.

5. Let the world know

Communicate your attendance on social media, so that people know exactly where they can come to meet you. You may even tease the content of your prepared interactive activities or goodies (if they’re

fun and nice to have) to give that extra motivational nudge to stop by. Whether it’s just a regular product stand, a lecture or a workshop, each of these contributions offer many ways to attract people.

6. Stay in touch

First of all, once you’re there, make sure you’re ready to collect contacts. A QR code, an online form or even a simple pen and paper will do if you’re aiming to collect leads. But that’s not all – you also need to make sure to reach out in a timely manner to remind people who you are and why they chose to stay in touch in the first place. Offer some added value right off the bat (a personal introduction, a discount or a prolonged free trial for example) and hook ‘em while they’re still warm.

On a side note, connecting with your fellow presenters and stall owners can also bring various benefits in terms of new ideas and inspiration, and who knows, maybe you’ll even meet a potential client there.

If you put our suggestions to use, you will be sure to come ready to any kind of event and the results will be the best reward for the time and budget that you put into the preparations. Trust me – I've been there, and have visited over 1000 various evens representing various products and companies, and to be ready, stand out and network is always worth the effort beforehand.

So, are you ready to launch an eventful 2023? Good luck!

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