A prediction of top trends of test automation in 2023

Whether we like it or not, 2023 is just a Q4 away and it’s good to get ready for whatever it brings. After extensive research we’ve put together the top 5 trends that we can look forward to in automated testing next year, and how to get ready for their adaptation to improve the testing process and reach those KPI’s. So, if you want to stay ahead of your competition and get a head-start, take a look at what’s in store for software testing and QA in 2023. 

AI & ML assisted testing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are an ever-present term in IT of the past years, and 2023 will be no exception. Since it actually is the driving factor in shifting towards test automation, the use of smart technology in automats doesn’t only increase the overall testing efficiency and lowers costs, but it also helps with predictive analysis, better error detection and allows the creation of highly sophisticated test applications. 

Blockchain: the big question

Although cryptocurrencies and NFTs are a rollercoaster, the blockchain technology that supports them is actually becoming an established technology that has many use cases in various areas – secure data storage, authenticity verification and unlimited access, and many other functionalities are just a fraction of what blockchain has to offer. In the area of testing, it’s still quite an unexplored area, but we’re expecting that to change in 2023 as the focus shifts to more universal and accessible users of the blockchain technology. 

Selenium 4 on the rise

One of the tools that will certainly make its way to the automation testing world is Selenium 4. It’s an open-source, accessible and easy to learn testing framework based on simple JavaScript. It enables testers to write automated tests for mobile, desktop and web applications. Thanks to its versatility and quite low learning requirements, it is certainly going to be a great tool for the creation of various automated testing activities. 

DevOps CI/CD all about testing 

The adoption of DevOps approach among companies is becoming a widespread trend. In the world of IT it’s already quite an established concept, but we’re certain that its popularity will get even more engraved. The cooperation of development and operations brings together the best of both worlds and enables teams to perform better and deliver better results. Businesses that operate in the CI/CD format will be ruled by continuous testing. Continuous automated testing ensures constant check and increases the chance of success of the delivery. That’s absolutely something to consider in order to move your business forward. 

API testing remains a constant 

APIs have become the ground stones of the majority of applications, due to the general trend of Cloud migration and utilizing Cloud microservices across companies. The two main areas of automated testing are API security testing and API observability testing. Furthermore, server-side and front-end-side performance testing automats are also expected to grow and develop beyond their current capabilities, according to the trends we’ve seen in 2022. 

The world of automations in testing is an exciting place, so be ready to face it with all its perks and exciting new developments. Also, Denevy offers a wide range of TaaS products that could be a great fit for your business, especially if you’re looking for automation implementation or automation process improvement for your business. Get in touch and let’s talk and get ready for the upcoming challenges together.


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